We are pleased to offer a special 1 day version of our Stand & Deliver workshop for University MSA’s. This program is open to brothers and sisters and will be an abridged version of the Khateeb workshop and Sister’s Public Speaking workshop.

I wanted to say that his workshop was really great and taught me a lot. I was flabbergasted that an event at a mosque actually taught me things I could readily apply to numerous situations and did not just focus on “religious” content, but catered really to the importance of this skill. I really think this event was undersold big time…. I really liked the workshop, I thought it was insightful and had good tips. It’s something they should probably teach to university professors :P. Anyways, I just thought I would let you know Mr.Usman taught me a lot and that his workshop was good. Not just good for Islamic community standards, but good on a professional level. I have attended quite the number of professional workshops, this one may have been one of the best in terms of structure. Thanks again for coming. This workshop is more needed than you will ever realize. Jazzak Allah khair,

This workshop will cover:

  • Purpose of a khutbah or halaqah – Combining our scholarly traditions as well as surveying thousands of Muslims across the country, we cover what the real expectations are from the audience and how to provide something valuable to them.
  • Idea Funnel – Technique to help develop actual topics for a speech. We cover how to take a general idea like “forgiveness” and narrow it down to a practical, actionable, and specific topic.
  • Speech Writing – Learn how to construct a speech of any type. This module has the most applicability including general presentations you may have to make (classroom, at events, and even corporate). This covers developing an essay style format speech, how to effectively use narratives, how to properly plagiarize a YouTube video, and one of our special and most effective speech-writing techniques: Reverse-Engineered Narratives.
  • Public speaking and speech delivery essentials – This covers our GPS Technique to help keep you from losing your train of thought while speaking and recovering from tangents. It also covers everything you need to know about speaking before, during, and after your speech – including how to create an effective Feedback Loop for yourself.
  • Tarbiyyah – Special Tarbiyyah session aimed at spirituality for the speaker.


The instructor for this seminar is
Omar Usman.

He has been delivering khutbah for over 10 years regularly at numerous masajid in the Dallas area. He also teaches the topics listed above at the extended Qalam Instiute Stand & Deliver workshop under Shaykh AbdulNasir Jangda.

All sessions except the last one are tailored for both brothers and sisters. Seminar length is roughly 4-5 hours. We suggest a timing of 11am to 5pm with a lunch break.

To request this workshop at your MSA please fill out the contact form below for more information.

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