Qalam has worked hard to provide relevant and functional solutions to leading our communities. It is with this in mind that we launched the Khateeb Workshop, and then the Sister’s Public Speaking workshop – to train brothers and sisters to deliver an effective, practical, and relevant message to their communities.

One of the chief problems we uncovered throughout our surveys for the khateeb workshop is that many people all across the nation feel a disconnect between the message of Islam that they hear, and the struggles they face in their daily lives.

Our goal is to bridge that gap. We hope to take the next step by developing advanced students into effective community leaders and educators.

What programs are available?

1 Year Program

1 Year Program

We recognize that it is easy for advanced students to feel like they have hit a wall with their Islamic studies. As an eager student, you have learned a sample of every subject through local classes and seminars. You became active in your community. You studied some Arabic, learned basic fiqh and you might have even spent a summer or 2 overseas (or at least thought long and hard about it).

You may have felt frustrated by the lack of individual time with scholars. The sampling route worked as a beginner, but now you feel this strategy is no longer effective to advance in your studies. You also feel a disconnect between the knowledge you’ve gained and its application. With some focused time with a scholar, you know you could scale this wall you have hit. These are the students we hope to serve with this full time program.

Graduates will be prepared to serve their communities as educators, youth directors, assistant imams, and other capacities.


4 Year Program

Qalam’s ʿĀlimīyah program is a four-year commitment. The objective of the first year of the program is for the student to develop a well-rounded foundation in the major Islāmic Sciences along with developing the ability to read and benefit from the work of scholars in those subjects. The second year of the program will focus on advancing the students’ grasp and understanding in the fundamental Islāmic Sciences while covering advanced areas of study. The third year of the program will uphold the time-honored tradition of studying and surveying the canonical books of ḥadīth along with scholarly texts in the derivation of Islāmic law. The fourth and the final year will require students to identify an area of specialization in Islāmic Studies and dedicate themselves to researching and publishing a thesis within their area of specialization.

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