This December, Qalam is excited to launch the first Seerah Intensive Kids Program giving children the opportunity to learn about the life of their Prophet Muhammad (S) alongside their parents.

Led by students of Shaykh Abdul Nasir and designed with the principles of ta’leem (education), tarbiyya (character building), and suhba (companionship), the Seerah Intensive Kids Program aims to cultivate love and appreciation for – and relatability to – our Prophet (S).

Students will go through the life of the Prophet (S) – studying the major events in his life, becoming familiar with those closest to him, identifying themes of character building from his experiences, and attempting to implement those themes.

Morning and afternoon sessions will focus on ta’leem and tarbiyya – understanding concepts and lessons with the guidance of a teacher. Students will be exposed to a combination of teambuilding activities, creative projects, storytime, and class discussions. Evening sessions will focus on suhbah – developing bonds of friendship. Students will enjoy sports, games, and movies together.

At Qalam, we believe in faith, family, and community. Join us this December for a unique opportunity to grow together as a family.

12/22/2017 Orientation
12/23/2017 Introduction to Seerah
12/24/2017 The Prophet (S)’s Life Before Revelation
12/25/2017 Revelation and the Early Years of Islam
12/26/2017 Migration to Abyssinia
12/27/2017 Isra wal Miraj
12/28/2017 Hijrah
12/29/2017 Life in Medina
12/30/2017 Stories from the Sahaba (R)
12/31/2017 The Prophet (S)’s Final Years
1/1/2018 Last Day
8:00-8:30 AM Teambuilding Activity
8:30-9:10 AM Session 1
9:20-10:00 AM Session 2
10:00-10:20 AM Break
10:20-11:00 AM Session 3
11:10-12:00 PM Session 4
12:00-12:30 PM Lunch
12:30-1:10 PM Session 5
1:20-2:00 PM Session 6
2:00-2:15 PM Dhuhr
6:00-7:00 PM Session 7
7:00-7:45 PM Dinner and Isha
8:00-9:30 PM Session 8

Ages 6-11

$399 Per Child

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