The most quintessential task that we as muslims have on our list of things to do in this life is to follow and act on the guidance set forth by Allah and His Messenger (SAW). One shining piece of this guidance is the etiquettes and manners that give the ability to catapult oneself to a level that is beloved to not just our Creator but to His creation.  In a time where muslims are constantly being challenged to have the best of manners and etiquette, both to ourselves and each other, comes The Prophetic Code seminar. How do we make ourselves presentable beings? What are some etiquettes we should consider in our day to day dealings? Whether in the home or in social environments, what way should we be towards each other? Through the beloved Quran, the sayings and doings of our Messenger (SAW) and stories of the pious predecessors, bring your families and be a part of an exciting seminar series that aims to teach islamic manners and etiquette through addressing present day habits and challenges we exhibit as individuals and social beings.

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