The ability to communicate impacts every facet of life, including family, friendships, school, work, and dawah. It is the one essential skill that people must develop to succeed no matter what their profession.
Since 2009, Qalam Institute, alhamdulillah, has trained well over 500 students through its Khateeb Workshop and Sister’s Public Speaking program. We have trained everyone from college students who have never spoken, all the way up to full time imams who speak on nearly a daily basis.
The premise of the workshop is simply this:
Everyone has access to the same resources (Quran, Hadith, Seerah), but some speakers leave you feeling as if the talk was cliche, boring, and irrelevant? But why are some speakers are able to quote the exact same sources, and leave you feeling motivated, inspired, and ready to take action? 
Since starting this workshop we have been flooded with requests to record the program or offer it online. Due to the nature of the workshop, this was not feasible, so we set out to develop something that we could offer online that still helped people prepare and communicate effectively.
So for the first time ever, we’d like to introduce our new online course – Prophetic Communication: More Than Words.

This course will help you:

 Learn the framework and structure for developing a speech. 

It is frustrating to sit through an Islamic talk, and at the end wonder, “so what was the point of all that?” It is even more terrifying to be the speaker and worry about putting someone else in that situation.
We will cover our techniques for developing a framework for your speech that you can utilize to prepare any talk – khutbah, halaqah, or even a short presentation.
You’ll learn multiple ways of putting a talk together, how to make your points flow, and how to make sure that it is coherent for the audience.

Be relevant, practical, and effective. 

One of the myths about communicating is that some people just naturally have it. We envision them just sitting down, thinking about something, and delivering a mesmerizing and life changing talk.
The reality is that good communicators are deliberate with every aspect of their speech. Comments that may seem off the cuff, or random, are actually planned out ahead of time. We’ll give you a full behind the scenes look at how precisely to add context to your talk so that it is relevant, practical, and connects with the audience.


Public speaking frightens people. We aren’t going to give you lame advice like “go do 25 jumping jacks before you talk and take deep breaths.” Nor are we going to tell you to simply “make dua and be patient.”
We will go through the steps necessary to prepare and deliver with confidence. This includes preparation techniques and speaking tips to help you with forgetting what you were talking about, losing your train of thought, going on tangents, or simply blanking out. We will also go through how to properly channel your nervous energy into excitement so you’re able to confidently deliver your speech.

Feedback Loop

This is not just a one time thing – learn how to talk, give a talk, done. This course will teach you a full system from preparation to improving yourself constantly after speaking. No one will push you as hard as you will – you just need to know what to look for and how to keep raising the bar.

I’m ready to sign up, what’s next? 

This course will cover:

  • Importance of good communication from the Qur’an
  • Purpose of speaking
  • Spirituality for the activist
  • The art of good storytelling (specifically in context of Islamic stories)
  • Idea Funnel method for crafting a topic [this is the most important part of the course]
  • Speech writing (including how to plagiarize a YouTube video)
  • Speaking tips and tricks. 
  • A look at how the Prophet (saw) communicated and connected with people.
The course will run from January 5-8, 2015. Each day a new video will be released. You will have until January 16th to complete the course.

Who’s teaching this course? 

Omar Usman

Imran Haq

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