The Muslim Strategic Initiative is an idea, a think tank, a movement, a consultancy and more than anything, a blog. MSI covers topics in professional and organizational development as they relate to work in Muslim organizations.  Born out of  a desire to raise the bar for Islamic institutions, we aim to increase awareness and action about organizational development in the Muslim charity, student group, non-profit, and Masjid space.

Increasingly, both individuals and groups, have recognized and begun to focus on the need to increase productivity and professionalism amongst Muslim organizations. We believe that to practice our work at the level it requires,  the level ofihsan(excellence), we need more than tips, tricks and a dash of mentoring.  Our work, whether as leaders or part-time volunteers, is challenging and unique. We feel that a clear, fresh, and creative strategy is required for success.


Staff members working on Muslim Strategic Initiative

Omar Usman

Imran Haq

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