When we listen to lectures on Islam, it’s every once in a while. We feel inspired by the words and remember only what hits are hearts the most. We’re not held accountable for the information, just that it has brought us closer to Allah and has motivated us to action.
In a halaqa, or typically smaller gathering of knowledge, the environment may be more academic. One might take notes, or another may record for future reference. It may even be one of a series of halaqas on a particular subject held weekly at a masjid or community center with the goal of increasing our Islamic knowledge.
Qalam’s ijazah program is an opportunity for students to sit in a very exclusive classroom with a qualified teacher of hadith and be able to read, translate, and learn the explanation of a very notable collection of hadith and receive an ijazah in it.
In a traditional and interactive setting, students will learn the hadith of the Prophet (S) with a continuous chain of narration coming all the way from the Prophet (S) and through the centuries and generations of scholars. With a qualified teacher of hadith who is the last link in that chain, the ijazah program qualifies students to become a part of that beautiful tradition and chain connected back to the Prophet (S).

Monday thru Friday, Mufti Hussain Kamani will be going over the 40 hadith of Imam Nawawi as the first installment of this ijazah program. Learn how to properly read each narration from the most well-known collection of 40 hadith, study the translation of it, listen to and take notes on an explanation of it, quoted with sources, and then receive an official certification for understanding the text.
Stimulate both your mind and soul as you feel your heart soften with the words of the Prophet Muhammad (S) and learn from his eloquent statements. Understand why this collection is so well-known, why it is considered the foundation of the religion. Be empowered to practice what he preached, following his sunnah, and embodying the lessons he wished to impart upon his ummah. And join the legacy of protecting and preserving his noble tradition (S).
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