“Here we come Allah, Here we come to Serve you. Here we come, no partner do You have. All praise to You. The universe is yours. Here we come Allah, Here we come!”

The story of Hajj, the pilgrimage to Makkah, begins over 4000 years ago. Following the Divine command, the Prophet Ibrahim traveled until he reached the hot, barren lands of Arabia. There he left his wife, Hagar, and his little baby, Ismail. Hagar struggled to find water for her baby. She ran back and forth between the mountains of Safa and Marwa seven times until at last the miraculous Zam Zam spring came gushing out and saved their lives. Allah accepted their struggle, and rewarded them with nourishment for the rest of their lives. Years later, Ibrahim (AS) was again asked to make a great sacrifice: give his beloved son for the sake of Allah. Allah again accepted his obedience, rewarding him by replacing his son with an animal. Finally, when it came time to build a House dedicated for the worship of Allah alone, Ibrahim (AS) and his son Ismail (AS) built it with their own hands, and finished it off by asking for acceptance.

“O Lord, accept this from us. Indeed You are the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.”

Allah answered his prayer. We have the Ka’abah that we bow towards five times a day. We have the Zam Zam water used to quench our thirst. We have the mountains we rush back and forth from. And we have the animals we sacrifice as our plea to Allah to accept our Hajj, the pilgrimage required by all Muslims commemorating the obedience Ibrahim (AS) and his family displayed..

Qalam Institute is finally able to say “Here we come!” as well, as we offer for the first time the opportunity to participate in this great pillar of Islam. Join us as we go for Qalam Hajj.



  • Hajj Education & Seminars
  • Dedicated Assigned Agent
  • Air Conditioned Buses
  • Religious Advisors Fluent in English, Urdu & Arabic
  • Barbers at Mena Camp (nominal fee)
  • Dedicated Group Leaders
  • Medical Assistance on hand
  • A team of Dar El Salam Staff
  • Luggage Management & Transport


  • Hajj Prep material prior to trip
  • Ihram for male pilgrims
  • Prayer rug for female pilgrims
  • ZamZam water to bring home
  • Local Saudi Sim Cards (based on availability)
  • Drawstring shoebag

PLEASE NOTE – The following is not inlcuded: Hajj draft fee, sacrifice, domestic flight to international departure port, excess baggage fees, personal expenses, meals not mentioned in the itinerary.

Interested in Qalam Hajj 2017?

Hajj this year was an unbelievable experience, the instructors and attendees all felt the life changing impact of this journey. Alhamdulilah, the entire Qalam Hajj group was able to perform their hajj, visit the city of the Madinah and return back home safe and sound. All the Qalam Hajj group members have continued to remain in contact with one another and the relationships and bonds that have been formed through this amazing experience will last a lifetime inshAllah. At Qalam & Dar El Salam, we are already gearing up for next years hajj inshAllah. So if you’re interested in fulfilling this pillar of our religion with Qalam, please fill out the form below. We will be sharing information about next years group as well as some insights and lessons from hajj.

Fill out my online form.


3 Nights in Madinah – Movenpick Anwar Al Madinah Hotel


3 Nights in Makkah – Fairmont Royal Clock Tower

4 Nights in Makkah – Apartment Hotel

5 Nights in Mena – Deluxe Exclusive Mena Camp

1 Night in Arafat – Deluxe Dar El Salam Arafat Camp


August 30 – September 17, 2016
19 Days


Departure: JFK to JED/MED
Return: JED to JFK

PLEASE NOTE: Airline choices and other departure cities are available upon request, prices may vary.


Quad Room
Triple Room
Double Room


Breakfast & Dinner buffets will be provided in the hotels you will be staying in and as specified in the itinerary.


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