Every Prophet was given a special dua that was guaranteed to be accepted. Every Prophet used their dua – Adam (as) asked for forgiveness, Musa (as) supplicated against Fir’awn.

But our beloved Prophet (saw) saved his supplication for us.

He told us, “Every Prophet has a (special) supplication which is answered. Verily, I have reserved mine as intercession for my nation, and it shall reach, if Allah wills, those of them who die, not associating anything with Allah.”

Think about it for a moment. This was perhaps one of the most important things he had – a special gift from the gifts of prophethood. How would you use it? What would you ask for?

This was his selfless character – a mercy to mankind.

Fast forward to now. What do we have to do to be part of this supplication? What rights does the Prophet (saw) hold over us?

It’s with this premise in mind that Qalam Institute is pleased to announce a new initiative – Hadith Intensive with Mufti Hussain Kamani.

This isn’t just about reconnecting with the sunnah. This is about a deep exploration into the entire realm of the sciences of the sunnah.

Have you ever wondered

  • Why is it that 2 authentic hadith can contradict each other?
  • Can we even rely on hadith? Aren’t they just hearsay?
  • How were all these hadith collected?
  • How can we really know what we have to follow in a hadith?
  • Can’t I just stick to what’s in the Qur’an and not worry about all the other stuff?


This has not been publicly announced yet. This is a special offer only sent to those connected with Qalam before we open it for everyone, so make sure to reserve your seat before the program fills up.

July 24 2015 – August 2, 2015

Arrival and Orientation is on July 24th.

The last day of class is August 2nd.

Hotel checkout will be August 3rd at 12:00pm.

This program will be held in Dallas, TX at the Islamic Association of Carrollton. 1901 Kelly Blvd. Carrollton, TX 75006

Full package students will be staying at the SpringHill Suites in Addison for the duration of the intensive. Below are photos of the rooms and common areas along with a list of amenities that the hotel offers. Breakfast will be available to full package students at the hotel. Lunch and dinner will be catered for full package students and provided at the class location inshaAllah.

Full Package Single – $1,200

Full Package Family – $3,000

Local Single – $600

Local Family – $1,500

Please note the following:

  • Our preferred payment method is online, but tuition may be paid via check/money order. Please email us at anika@qalaminstitute.org for instructions with the subject line: “Hadith Intensive – Pay via Check/Money Order”
  • Students registering for Full Package – Single will be assigned a roommate, making it two students per room. Single occupancy is available at an additional cost upon registration.
  • Family registrations are intended for immediate family members only.
  • Full Package – Family registrants will be provided one room and is limited to four family members.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I arrive for the Hadith Intensive?

Preferably earlier during the day on Friday, July 24 as the orientation will take place that night after the Maghrib prayer.

When should I plan my departure from Dallas?

We advise you to fly out on the evening of August 2nd, which will be the final class day or leave on the morning of August 3rd. Hotel checkout will be August 3rd at noon.

Will I be picked up at the airport?

Yes. Once completely registered you will be emailed a form requesting your flight information; please fill it out immediately. Do not email us your itinerary unless asked.

What supplies do I need for the program?

A laptop is necessary because all homework and notes will be emailed to students daily. A notebook is also needed to take notes during Tafseer sessions.

How will I be assigned a roommate if I am registering to lodge at the program?

Roommates will be paired according to gender. Students registering together may request roommates but CAN NOT be guaranteed. Couples and families will be accommodated accordingly. Roommate requests can be made during registration.

I already completed registration, can I still request a roommate?

Yes. If at the time of registration you didn’t request a roommate you can still do so using this form here.

What airport should I fly into?

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

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