Ālimīyah Program

The Prophet (ﷺ) eloquently and concisely stated in his sermon during the Farewell Ḥajj, “I leave you with two things. As long as you hold on to them, you will not lose your way. They are the Qurʾān and the Prophetic tradition.” For nearly a millennia and a half, Muslims have dedicated themselves to the study and analysis of the sources of our religion. This led to the codification and development of what we know today as Al-ʿŪlūm Al-Sharʿīyah (Religious Sciences).

Our best and brightest have read, studied, written, and published monumental works serving as the bedrock of great Muslim civilizations. Continuing that legacy is not a luxury, but rather a necessity regardless of time and place. We find ourselves as a young but resilient Muslim community here in the United States. For nearly half a century, men and women endeavoring to study the Islāmic tradition and serve their communities have traveled to different parts of the world to immerse themselves in the sacred process of seeking knowledge. The next step in the development of our community here in the United States requires serious opportunities for students to be able to pursue a scholarly course of Islāmic Studies.

Over the last few years, Qalam has been able to provide the first step in that journey by means of the one-year Islāmic Studies program, known as the Qalam Seminary. It is at this time that we find ourselves with not only the ability but also the demand to fulfill our dream of providing students the opportunity to complete a traditional scholarly Islāmic education here in the United States. This will be realized by continuing our three-pronged approach of taʿlīm, tarbiyah, and suḥbah – education, training, and mentorship. We have meticulously developed a curriculum keeping in mind both the longstanding scholarly tradition of our ummah and the pressing needs of our society today. We are also very excited to bring on and introduce faculty who will serve not only as instructors to the students but also mentors. This next chapter will also involve expanding our facilities at the Qalam Seminary. With all of the above said, we are eagerly looking forward to continuing the noble tradition of sacred knowledge with the amazing men and women who have decided to dedicate their lives to serving the dīn of Allah.

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