Our Mission, Vision & History

February 2016 marks the start of our 8th year as Qalam Institute. With great effort and acceptance from Allah we have been able to outgrow our vision, our space, and our look. The developments in our institutional depth and breadth have compelled us to redesign our brand to better represent the quality of service we provide to the Muslim community. As we usher in this new year with continued expansions and improvements, we developed a visual identity that reflects the classic values Qalam upholds.

A Brief History

Qalam Institute was founded in February 2009 at the Islamic Association of Mid-Cities in Colleyville, TX with the singular goal of developing a 1,000 person student body in DFW that was dedicated to organized and consistent Islamic learning.

Focused on creating an educational environment receptive to everyone, Qalam Institute developed a three-pronged approach of practicality, integration, and professionalism.

  1. Practicality: Classes were to be held every 4-6 weeks to orient the community around the Qur’an and lessons essential to developing the community and being practicing Muslims in America.
  2. Integration: The Institute would work with the imams and scholars in the DFW metroplex to benefit the larger community with their aggregate skills and talents.
  3. Professionalism: With a dedicated volunteer base and formal system for spreading the word, established media and social media outlets would be utilized to reflect the importance of not only the message, but the method in which the message is delivered.

Launching with the Qur’anic Empowerment Conference, and continuing with tafseer series and day-long seminars, Qalam Institute began a new of era of high quality consistent Islamic education for a local audience.


Khateeb Workshop: Our first international intensive


The Roots Program: The launch of our youth initiative


The Seerah Podcast: Our first online offering

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 10.01.04 PM

Muslim Strategic Initative: Organizational consulting

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 2.30.37 PM

Happiness in the Home: Our first traveling seminar


The Sister’s Public Speaking Workshop: Sisters’ specific programming


The Qalam Seminary: The launch of our full-time seminary


Debt Free Muslims: Personal Finance Education


Graduation: The first graduating class of the Qalam Seminary


Seerah Intensive: The launch of Qalam’s Seerah Intensive


Qalam Umrah: Our first Seerah Umrah tour


Study Abroad in Turkey: The launch of Qalam Travel study abroad trips


Qalam Hajj: Our first Hajj group


Alimiyyah Program: The growth of the Qalam Seminary into a four year program


As the Institute expanded beyond the walls of the Colleyville Masjid, its Mission & Vision expanded as well. While the Institute shifted its focus to enhancing the experience of all Muslims in North America, it didn’t stray from the three-pronged model. With the effort to provide relevant and successful Islamically-based solutions in a practical, integrated, and professional way, the three prongs now came to refer to issues facing individuals, families, and communities, and how we at Qalam can be the solution.

Where We Are

Since 2014, we have only been adding more instructors, more onsite programs, and more online offerings. 2014 marked the year of the first graduating class of the Seminary, Ustadh Abdelrahman Murphy implementing a curriculum for youth and community development, Mufti Hussain Kamani joining the team, and the launch of the two-week long Seerah Intensive. In 2015, we took the Khateeb and Public Speaking Workshop and Qalam Conference beyond Dallas, launched Hadith Intensive, a Roots camp, three international trips, and established a working relationship with the Islamic Association of Mid-Cities and the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center. With the help of Allah, we only hope to continue this fast-paced yet high-quality expansion as the 2016 year unfolds.

Where We’re Going

This year we are excited about the Seminary growing to provide a full Alimiyyah (Scholarship) Program, a Qalam-led Hajj, additional instructors, family retreats, a diverse array of new intensives and workshops, and an interactive system for people to access Qalam’s unique educational methodology from the comfort of their own homes.

With the quick and continued progress at Qalam Institute, we re-explored our mission and fine-tuned it to better fit our values.

We hope to inspire growth through a nurturing education built on a sacred foundation.

Though we continue to provide solutions to individuals, families, and communities in a practical, integrated, and professional manner, the three-pronged approach now refers to the content of those solutions, the answer to the question, “how do we build people?”. We believe the answer lies in education, growth, and mentorship. With that philosophy we pay homage to our classical values, while embracing contemporary realities: our new campus, our new website, and our new online portal are all works in progress in this regard. Finally, with the grace of Allah, we are able to introduce Qalam’s new logo.

While the blue is the color of the original Qalam pen, the shortening of the logo to simply “Qalam” makes it more user-friendly. The L in the word Qalam represents a pen (Qalam, in Arabic), both calligraphy and ballpoint, communicating the core focus of teaching the tradition in a modern context. Finally, the triangle pen tip represents the constant refinement of our three-pronged approach, confirming our commitment to serve the Ummah of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him).

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