Seerah Quiz 25

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  1. When did the Muslims start migrating to Medina?
    1. After the First Oath of Allegiance
    2. After the Second Oath of Allegiance
    3. After the Battle of Badr
    4. Immediately after Al-Isra Wal-Miraj
  2. Medina was not a very popular or powerful city. The tribes of Medina were very humble people and had financial difficulties. What is significant about this?
    1. The simplicity of the city made it a great hideout for Muslims
    2. The Quraysh let the Muslims leave peacefully as they didn’t care about Medina
    3. It should remind us that it is Allah’s blessing that determines success rather than outward qualities
    4. It should show us that Muslims should live in smaller and less developed cities
  3. Abu Salama (ra) was planning to make hijrah to Medina with his family. However his wife, Umm Salama (ra), was forcibly kept in Mecca by her family. And their baby son (ra) was also forcibly kept in Mecca by Abu Salama’s family. Abu Salama (ra) went to Medina on his own and tried to rally some support. What is true about their situation?
    1. All three of them were separated for about a year
    2. Umm Salama (ra) would go outside every day and cry
    3. Abu Salama (ra) was by himself in Quba and was not able to do anything from there
    4. All of the above
  4. Umm Salama (ra) set out with her baby son (ra) to join her husband (ra) in Medina. She planned to make the journey by herself on camel despite all the dangers she would face. On her way she met Uthman bin Talha, who was not a Muslim at this time. He was a member of the nobility of Mecca and his family were entrusted with the keys to the Kabah. However his actions at that time showed why he was given that honor and later entered into Islam. What did he do?
    1. He accompanied her all the way to Quba on foot to make sure she was safe
    2. When they turned in for the night, he would go to great lengths to make she was not uncomfortable such as sleeping far away from them and not looking at her when she came down from the camel
    3. After delivering her to Quba, he turned around and walked all the way back without even letting her thank him
    4. All of the above
  5. When Umar (ra) made hijrah, he went to the Kabah in armor and told them not to follow him unless they wanted their mothers to cry over their dead bodies, their wives to become widows and their children to become orphans.
    1. True
    2. False
  6. Ayaash bin Abu Rabiya (ra) was making hijrah with Umar (ra), but was tricked by a few Meccans into going back and kept as a prisoner. Another companion, Hisham bin al-Aas (ra), was kept from making the journey altogether. What is true about the two them?
    1. Allah revealed ayaat of Quran telling them to have faith in the mercy of Allah and they were then rescued by Walid bin Walid (ra)
    2. They never made it to Medina until after the Conquest of Mecca
    3. They lost faith in joining the companions in Medina
    4. They were martyred in Mecca
  7. Suhaib ar-Rumi (ra) was a Roman who had settled in Mecca. When he was planning to make hijrah, the leaders of Quraysh weren’t letting him leave. He did something at this time that was later praised by the Prophet (saw) after Gibreel (as) told him. What did Suhaib (ra) do?
    1. He fought all the leaders of the Quraysh on his own and made it out
    2. He offered to give them all of his wealth in exchange for his freedom
    3. He recited Quran to them and its effect on them let him escape
    4. He offered to not fight the Quraysh in any subsequent wars between the Muslims and Quraysh


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