Seerah Quiz 22

Jun 1, 2015 | Podcast Quiz

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  1. During Al-Isra Wal-Miraj, all the prophets (as) began praising Allah. After Prophet Muhammad (saw) praised Allah, another one of the prophets (as) responded by saying that Prophet Muhammad (saw) is the greatest of all the prophets. Which prophet (saw) said this?
    1. Isa (as)
    2. Musa (as)
    3. Ibrahim (as)
    4. Nuh (as)
  2. Prophet Isa (as) said during Al-Isra Wal-Miraj that he will be present on Earth during the end times.
    1. True
    2. False
  3. During Al-Isra Wal-Miraj, the Prophet (saw) was given three bowls of liquids to drink from. The first was honey, which he (saw) drank a little from. The next was milk, which he (saw) drank until he was full. The third bowl was completely covered and he (saw) ignored it. The honey represented the sweetness of the dunya, which is why the Prophet (saw) only drank a small portion of it. The milk represented the guidance of Allah, which is why the Prophet (saw) drank it until he was full. The third bowl was revealed to be wine, which represented the impermissible and was therefore not touched by the Prophet (saw). What does this teach us?
    1. Its okay for us to indulge in the nice things of the world, but we should be moderate in this
    2. We need to be avid for knowledge and guidance from Allah and keep pushing for more of this
    3. We should not even think of going near the impermissible
    4. All of the above
  4. There is an angel named Ismael (as) who is located at the gate between the dunya and the sky, which is known as The Gate of Protection. This angel is the gatekeeper of the sky and is said to have never have either come down to the Earth or flown up higher into the heavens, except for one day. Which day was this?
    1. Al-Isra Wal-Miraj
    2. The birth of the Prophet (saw)
    3. The day when the first revelation was given to the Prophet (saw)
    4. The day when the Prophet (saw) died
  5. The “Miraj” part of Al-Isra Wal-Miraj refers to the ascension to the heavens.
    1. True
    2. False
  6. As the Prophet (saw) went up through the heavens, he was shown again the punishment for many major sins. In one case, there are people who ignore delicious and roasted meat and instead go eat meat that is rotten. Which sin does this represent?
    1. Backbiting
    2. Adultery
    3. Slander
    4. Consuming interest
  7. The Prophet (saw) was shown the fountain of Kauthar which was given to him as a gift from Allah. The fountain is where the Prophet (saw) will give his followers water with his own hands on the Day of Judgement. This fountain was later mentioned in the Quran when the Prophet’s son, Ibrahim, died. The disbelievers used his son’s death as a chance to mock the Prophet (saw) saying that his legacy was cut off. Why did Allah mention the fountain of Kauthar at that time?
    1. To tell the disbelievers to leave the Prophet (saw) alone
    2. To tell the Prophet (saw) that he would be reunited with his son
    3. To show the disbelievers that the Prophet (saw) will have the most amazing legacy of any human being to ever walk the Earth
    4. To help the Prophet (saw) stay focused
  8. On the gate of Paradise, it says that the reward for giving a loan is more than the reward for giving charity.
    1. True
    2. False