Seerah Quiz 21

May 19, 2015 | Podcast Quiz

  1. The next major event in the life of the Prophet (saw) after the hardships of losing his wife (ra), uncle and being attacked on the way out of Taif was Al-Asra Wal-Miraj. This was the night journey and ascension to the heavens. Why did this happen at this point in time?
    1. To hide the Prophet (saw) from the disbelievers
    2. To console the Prophet (saw) and reaffirm his status in the sight of Allah
    3. To show the Prophet (saw) the surrounding areas where the Muslims could migrate to
    4. All of the above
  2. Before Al-Asra Wal-Miraj, Gibreel (as) came to the Prophet (saw). He cut open his chest and removed all pain and suffering and then added in knowledge, patience and forbearance.
    1. True
    2. False
  3. What does the term Buraaq refer to?
    1. The name of the procedure above
    2. The time period of Al-Asra Wal-Miraj
    3. The animal the Prophet (saw) rode on Al-Asra Wal-Miraj
    4. One of the events the Prophet (saw) took part in during Al-Asra Wal-Miraj
  4. On the journey of Al-Asra Wal-Miraj, the Prophet (saw) was asked by Gibreel (as) to stop and perform prayer in an area with a lot of date palms. Where was this?
    1. Jerusalem
    2. Taif
    3. As-Sham
    4. Medina
  5. On the journey of Al-Asra Wal-Miraj, the Prophet (saw) was shown many punishments that would be handed out for certain major sins. Included were sins such as missing prayer, backbiting, preachers not following their own words, taking of interest and adultery. Why were these punishments shown to the Prophet (saw) at this time?
    1. To show the Prophet (saw) how different sinners would be published in the fire
    2. To foreshadow some of the prohibitions that were going to come down soon
    3. To allow the Prophet (saw) to fully and emphatically caution against these sins
    4. All of the above
  6. As the Prophet (saw) travels on the journey, he comes across many different people who represented different metaphors of this world. Examples included a beautiful woman who tried to attract him by lifting her skirt (symbolizing the world around us) and something intriguing away from the path that called out (symbolizing Iblis’ allure). What does this signal to us?
    1. We should ignore people who call out to us
    2. We should stay focused on our goal and ignore the distractions that we see
    3. We should learn to hate this world and not be focused on it
    4. We need to stop and rethink things when we see different possibilities
  7. The Prophet (saw) completed the first part of his journey and met a congregation of prophets (as). Where did this meeting occur?
    1. Back in Mecca
    2. Masjid an-Nabawi
    3. Inside a mosque within the boundaries of Paradise
    4. Masjid al-Aqsa
  8. There were many thousand prophets (as) gathered in the above location. Who was chosen to lead all of them in prayer?
    1. Prophet Muhammad (saw)
    2. Prophet Ibrahim (as)
    3. Prophet Musa (as)
    4. The Angel Gibreel (as)

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