Seerah Quiz 15

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  1. When the believers had prayed together for the first time, the Quraysh tried to offer the Prophet (saw) a deal to give up the cause. After the Prophet (saw) rejected their offers of worldly riches, what did the Quraysh say?
    1. They asked him to leave Mecca peacefully
    2. They offered the believers peace if they did not attack the Quraysh
    3. They told the Prophet (saw) they would boycott him
    4. They offered the Prophet (saw) a deal where all of Mecca would follow both Islam and the religion of the Quraysh
  2. When the Prophet (saw) rejected the offer above, the Quraysh began to say blasphemous things and make crazy demands of Allah. What did the Prophet (saw) say in response to this?
    1. He offered them the chance to worship Allah and embrace Islam
    2. He tried to appease their demands
    3. He got angry and started responding to their criticisms
    4. He ignored them and left
  3. After the above strategy failed, Abu Jahl came up with a plan to kill the Prophet (saw) in the Kabah. As the Prophet (saw) went into prostration, Abu Jahl picked up a rock and was ready to smash the head of the Prophet (saw). But as Abu Jahl did this, he froze and was not able to do anything. What caused him to freeze with fear?
    1. He saw the Umar (ra) and Hamza (ra) coming to the aid of the Prophet (saw)
    2. He saw Jibreel (as) in the form of a mad camel
    3. He realized what he was doing was wrong
    4. He realized that the rest of Quraysh would not support him anymore
  4. After the above incident, Allah sent revelation telling the Prophet (saw) that he should do what he needed to do and the Allah would be responsible for protecting him (saw). What is the takeaway for us from this?
    1. We should focus on being good Muslims and avoid the spotlight as well
    2. We should realize that we are a minority and make alliances as needed
    3. We should focus on our religion and trust that Allah will take care of enemies/critics
    4. We should be ready and willing to defend ourselves at the slightest hint of people disagreeing with us
  5. A Christian delegation from northern Arabia had come to Mecca to explore who the Prophet (saw) was. After talking to the Prophet (saw) they accepted the message of Islam. Abu Jahl met them after they accepted Islam and threw insults at them. How did they respond to his behavior?
    1. They attacked him
    2. They ignored him and went back home
    3. They wished him peace and said they would not respond ignorantly like he did
    4. They responded to him in the same manner
  6. The Christian delegation mentioned to the Prophet (saw) that they knew from their scriptures that a prophet would come to them.
    1. True
    2. False
  7. After the above had transpired, how did the Quraysh plan to deal with the Muslims?
    1. War
    2. Forced migration
    3. Peace treaty
    4. Boycott



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