Seerah Quiz 13

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  1. When the believers had grown to about 100 people, a group of them migrated to Abyssinia for safety. The Prophet (saw) advised them to do this even though that greatly diminished his position in Mecca. Why did the Prophet (saw) decide to do this?
    1. He was concerned about the safety of Muslims first and foremost
    2. He wanted to calm the tensions in Mecca a bit by sending a large group out
    3. He was willing to sacrifice the strategic position if it meant safety for his followers
    4. All of the above
  2. Why did the Prophet (saw) choose Abyssinia as a safe landing spot for some of the early believers?
    1. It was a quick and easy journey
    2. The Prophet (saw) had family ties to Abyssinia
    3. The king of Abyssinia had a reputation for being tolerant
    4. The believers had been given asylum before they left
  3. After a small group of believers had migrated, the Prophet (saw) spoke to a man who had come from Abyssinia. The Prophet (saw) asked about the believers and specifically about the couple who was in charge of the group. Why did he ask about that couple specifically?
    1. That couple was his daughter and son in law
    2. He thought they were more important than everyone else
    3. He thought if that couple made it, everyone else would have also made it
    4. That couple was in more danger than everyone else
  4. The Prophet (saw) was reciting Quran in the Kabah and many of the disbelievers were listening intently. The Prophet (saw) finished reciting and fell into prostration. How did the disbelievers react at this point?
    1. They attacked the Prophet (saw)
    2. They started mocking and ridiculing the Prophet (saw)
    3. They left the Kabah
    4. They fell into prostration as well
  5. After the above incident, many of the believers who had migrated to Abyssinia started coming back. Why did they do so?
    1. They thought the Prophet (saw) was at risk of being harmed without them
    2. They thought the Quraish had converted to Islam
    3. They thought the Quraish were willing to negotiate with them
    4. They were in danger in Abyssinia
  6. The Quraish were happy the believers had left for Abyssinia and celebrated their migration.
    1. True
    2. False
  7. The Muslims were called to the court of the al-Nagashi, the king of Abyssinia, after the Quraish had sent people to get them back. After initially failing, the Quraish’s delegation told the king (who was Christian) that the Muslims speak ill of Jesus (as). The king responded by calling them back the next day and asked them about the Muslim view of Jesus (as). Jafar bin Abi Talib (ra) was chosen to speak for the Muslims and he recited Quranic verses about the virtues of Jesus (as) and Maryum (as). What did al-Nagashi say?
    1. He said that this view is incorrect since he was a scholar of Chrisitianity
    2. He said that this was blasphemous
    3. He picked up a twig and said the Muslims’ belief is “not even this much different (referring to the size of the twig) from his belief
    4. He asked the Muslims to leave his kingdom
  8. Al-Najashi granted the Muslims his protection and proclaimed them to be his guests after they had appeared before him.
    1. True
    2. False
  9. What is true about al-Nagashi?
    1. He had lived through wars and that shaped him to be compassionate and hate conflicts
    2. He lived a part of his life as a slave after he had been sold off when he was a young boy
    3. He was a scholar of Christianity in addition to being a king
    4. All of the above
  10. Al-Nagashi converted to Islam but never made this public due to fears about losing his kingdom.
    1. True
    2. False



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