Seerah: EP99 – Badr, the Battle Begins

Seerah: EP99 – Badr, the Battle Begins

Episode 99: Seerah – Life of the Prophet: Badr, the Battle Begins


2 thoughts on “Seerah: EP99 – Badr, the Battle Begins

  1. Assalamualaykum,

    I am no longer able to download the Seerah bayaans. When i click on ‘download’ it starts to play it instead. I have tried on different ones but the ability to download is no longer available.

    Please advise, is this an error on the website.


  2. Salaam, if you right-click on download and then select save as, then that should allow you to download.

    If your downloading to a smartphone, any podcast player will allow you to download and play episodes easily. Some even do automatic downloading.

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