Seerah Quiz 9

  1. What did the second revelation tell the Prophet (saw) to hold on to and never let go of?
    1. His character
    2. His obedience to God
    3. His status
    4. His preaching
  2. Who was the first convert to Islam?
    1. Ali bin Abi Talib (ra)
    2. Abu Bakr (ra)
    3. Khadija (ra)
    4. Zayd bin Haritha (ra)
  3. One of the reasons why there are different opinions in terms of the first convert to Islam is due to the fact that many people of that time did not consider women, children or slaves to be “people”.
    1. True
    2. False
  4. How did Ali bin Abi Talib (ra) convert to Islam?
    1. The Prophet (saw) personally asked him to accept the message
    2. His brother, Jafar (ra), had accepted Islam first and mentioned it to him
    3. He heard the message from some of the early companions (ra)
    4. He saw the Prophet (saw) and Khadija (ra) praying and wanted to join in
  5. Based on the Prophet’s handling of the early converts to Islam, what should be our priority when working with new converts?
    1. Basic day to day fiqh
    2. Teaching them how to pray
    3. Converting their family members
    4. Making sure they are on the right side of ideological differences
  6. The family of Zayd bin Haritha (ra) lost him to human trafficking and he was later sold as a slave. Eventually he was given to the Prophet (saw) as a gift. His family later found him and wanted him back. How did the Prophet (saw) handle this?
    1. He asked for payment in return for Zayd (ra)
    2. He let Zayd (ra) choose and he chose to stay with the Prophet (saw) as a son
    3. He let Zayd (ra) go back to his family
    4. He refused saying that Zayd (ra) preferred to stay with him
  7. The Prophet (saw) said that of all those he called to Islam, only Abu Bakr (ra) accepted Islam right away.
    1. True
    2. False
  8. What was the special talent that Abu Bakr (ra) had?
    1. He was a great warrior
    2. He was great at poetry
    3. He was a great businessman
    4. He was an expert in genealogy
  9. The Islam of Abu Bakr (ra) led to the Islam of many other people.
    1. True
    2. False
  10. The Prophet (saw), at the insistence of Abu Bakr (ra), agreed to go public with the message of Islam. When they did this, they were attacked and ridiculed. Abu Bakr (ra) was beaten the most. His reaction to this event teaches us a lot about where our priorities should lie. What were the two things he was most concerned about when he woke up from this beating?
    1. First his health and then forgiving those who had attacked them
    2. First he wanted to apologize to the Prophet (saw) for insisting on going public and then he wanted to improve his own health
    3. First he wanted to know that the Prophet (saw) was okay and then he wanted the Prophet (saw) to make dua that his mother accepted Islam
    4. First he wanted to forgive those who attacked them and then he wanted to figure out how to better preach the message



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