Seerah Quiz 12

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  1. A man from outside Mecca came to do business in Mecca, but he was cheated out of his earnings by Abu Jahl. The Quraysh thought it would be amusing to send this man to the Prophet (saw) since they were also ridiculing the Prophet (saw) at this time. When this man went to the Prophet (saw), what does the Prophet (saw) do?
    1. He asks Abu Talib to help this man
    2. He tells the man that he himself is being persecuted and therefore won’t be able to help
    3. He recites some Quran to the man
    4. He takes this man to Abu Jahl’s house and they get what he is owed
  2. What does studying the earliest Muslims teach us?
    1. The Ummah was always a very diverse group of people
    2. The Prophet (saw) mostly reached out to the weaker members of society
    3. The Prophet (saw) mostly reached out to the more successful members of society
    4. All of the above
  3. A man came from out of town to watch the Prophet (saw) and report back to Abu Dharr Ghifari (ra). Which value did this man say the Prophet (saw) was instructing his people to focus on?
    1. Prayer
    2. Fasting
    3. Character
    4. Charity
  4. After his conversion to Islam, what was a virtue that Abu Dharr Ghifari (ra) was known for?
    1. Focusing on fasting
    2. Living a very simple life
    3. Studying religious knowledge
    4. Defending Islam against non-Muslims
  5. Dhimad (ra) was another person who converted to Islam around this time. What did Dhimad (ra) do before Islam?
    1. He was a poet
    2. He was a political leader
    3. He was a shephard
    4. He was a soothsayer
  6. Dhimad (ra) went to see the Prophet (saw) in order to “diagnose” him. The Prophet (saw) spoke to Dhimad (ra) who became awestruck and eventually converted to Islam. What did the Prophet (saw) say?
    1. The Prophet (saw) explained why the idols of that era did not exist
    2. The Prophet (saw) explained that he was the messenger of Allah
    3. The Prophet (saw) praised Allah and testified to his oneness and power
    4. The Prophet (saw) told Dhimad (ra) that his current line of work was wrong
  7. Utba bin Rabi’ah was a very well traveled and intelligent man who the Quraysh went to and asked him to talk to the the Prophet (saw). This man spoke to the Prophet (saw) and offered him material rewards in exchange for giving up his preaching. The Prophet (saw) responded by reciting Quran which deeply impacted Utba. Which surah did he recite?
    1. Surah Yaseen
    2. Surah Taha
    3. Surah Alaq
    4. Surah Fussilat
  8. Abu Jahl had to do damage control in order to keep Utba bin Rabi’ah from telling the truth of how he was impacted by the Quran.
    1. True
    2. False
  9. What did Utba bin Rabi’ah tell the public happened to him after speaking to the Prophet (saw)?
    1. He said they should all accept Islam
    2. He said the Prophet (saw) put him under some kind of spell
    3. He said Islam was a false religion
    4. He said they should attack the Muslims

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