Seerah Quiz 11


  1. Abdur Rahman bin Awf was one of the earliest Muslims and had significant wealth. The Prophet (saw) mentioned to him that he would lag behind some of the other companions in entering paradise as his wealth would need to be accounted for. Later in his life, he was reminded of this by Aisha (ra) when he was conducting business and had many caravans of goods to sell. How did he respond to this?
    1. He gave some of his goods to charity
    2. He lowered his prices
    3. He felt bad about himself and his wealth
    4. He gave everything in the caravans to charity
  2. Saad bin Abi Waqas (ra) was also one of the earliest Muslims. His mother was against Islam and said she would not eat until he gave up Islam. How did he respond?
    1. He gave up Islam
    2. He asked the Prophet (saw) what he should do
    3. He stood by her with food and water for 4 days
    4. He kept practicing Islam anyways
  3. The Prophet (saw) told Saad bin Abi Waqas (ra) that it was better for him to leave most of his wealth to his family rather than give more to charity.
    1. True
    2. False
  4. In the pre-Islamic era, Abu Bakr, Uthman and Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah (ra) were all known for what virtue?
    1. They were very popular
    2. They were never involved in fornication or any lewd behavior
    3. They were very skilled in archery
    4. They were known as the diplomats of Mecca
  5. Looking at the earliest Muslims, we see that the Prophet (saw) recruited many talented young people. Many of these people would go on to become the greatest of the Muslims. What does this teach us in terms of dealing with youth?
    1. We need to reach out to them and get them involved
    2. We need to let them develop and utilize their own specific talents for the Ummah
    3. We need to stop thinking of them as a spiritual basket case
    4. All of the above
  6. How did the Meccans deal with Islam as this initial group of followers embraced the religion?
    1. They ignored it
    2. The leaders openly attacked the Prophet (saw)
    3. They started torturing slaves and the weaker members of society who had embraced Islam
    4. They boycotted Muslims immediately after the initial group of Muslims had converted
  7. Bilal (ra) was repeatedly tortured by Umayya bin Khalaf, who used to own him as a slave. How did he respond to this torture?
    1. He would scream “Ahad Ahad” (Allah is one) at the top of his lungs while he was being tortured
    2. He ran away from Umayya’s house
    3. He pretended to have left Islam after receiving permission from the Prophet (saw)
    4. He would not acknowledge the Muslims or the Prophet (saw) in public
  8. One of the virtues of Abu Bakr (ra) was to help those in need. He helped slaves escape torture by purchasing their freedom. His father asked him why he was helping those who were weak and not the physically gifted slaves who could help him and defend him. What was his answer?
    1. He said those people did not need his help
    2. He said he helped everyone he could
    3. He said he was doing this for Allah and not to benefit himself
    4. He decided to follow his father’s advice
  9. A slave woman named Zunaira (her name could also have been Zinneera) (ra) was tortured so badly that she went blind. She was then taunted by Abu Jahl who said that his idols had punished her for embracing Islam. What happened next?
    1. She told Abu Jahl her lord could return her eyesight, which happened the following morning
    2. She maintained her faith, but did so privately
    3. She escaped from Abu Jahl by running away
    4. She questioned why this was happening to her
  10. A slave woman named An Nahdiya (ra) and her daughter (ra) had accepted Islam. They were both then tortured by their owner. They eventually had their freedom purchased by Abu Bakr (ra). This happened as they were baking some flour for their owner. What did they do once they were freed?
    1. They returned her flour to her and left peacefully
    2. They finished the job they were in the middle of as a last good deed to her and then left her
    3. The kept the flour they were using
    4. They started giving dawah to their former owner
  11. Who was the first martyr in Islam?
    1. Ammar bin Yasir (ra)
    2. Sumaiyya (ra)
    3. Yasir (ra)
    4. Khabbab (ra)



2 thoughts on “Seerah Quiz 11

  1. Assalamualaikum, here are my answers to the questions.
    Q1. D
    Q2. C
    Q3. B
    Q4. D
    Q5. D
    Q6. A
    Q7. A
    Q8. C
    Q9. A
    Q10. B
    Q11. B

    Hope these are correct :D!
    Thank you so much for this!
    May Allah bless all of your efforts.

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