Seerah Quiz 10

  1. After the initial conversions to Islam, the Prophet (saw) held a dinner where we introduced the message of Islam to about 40 people. Which group of people did the Prophet (saw) appeal to at this dinner?
    1. His extended family
    2. The leaders of Quraysh
    3. The weaker members of society
    4. A delegation that had come to Mecca
  2. What does the above teach us about who we should prioritize teaching Islam to?
    1. We should focus on those who will accept what we have to say
    2. We should focus on the more talented members or society
    3. We should focus on family and those close to us
    4. We should not have any criteria for who to reach out to first
  3. Who ruined the dinner by walking out before the Prophet (saw) could make an appeal?
    1. Abu Jahl
    2. Abu Talib
    3. Hamza (ra)
    4. Abu Lahab
  4. The Prophet (saw) had to host 3 dinners for the above group before he could even speak to them.
    1. True
    2. False
  5. When the Prophet finally got to speak and appeal to this group during the dinner, who is the only one to pledge support for him (according to most narrations)?
      1. Hamza (ra)
      2. Abbas (ra)
      3. Abu Bakr (ra)
      4. Ali (ra)
  6. After this dinner, the Prophet climbed up to the mountain of Safa and addressed the greater community. He first asked them if they would trust him if he said there was an army on the other side ready to attack them. The people of Quraysh replied yes and mentioned that he was never a liar. What was the response he got when he made the appeal to Islam immediately after?
    1. Abu Jahl cursed him and the crowd dispersed
    2. Abu Lahab cursed him and the crowd dispersed
    3. A few people accepted what he had to say, but most people mocked him
    4. Many people accepted the message
  7. Abu Lahab, the uncle of the Prophet (saw), was one of the fiercest enemies of the religion. When Allah (swt) revealed a surah cursing him, how did Abu Lahab respond to this?
    1. He physically attacked the Prophet (saw)
    2. He trashed the house of the Prophet (saw)
    3. He told his sons to break off their engagements to the Prophet’s daughters
    4. He mocked the surah and the Quran
  8. How did Abu Talib respond to the Prophet’s preaching?
    1. He accepted the message right away
    2. He did not accept the message and avoided dealing with the Prophet directly
    3. He did not accept the message, but pledged to support and protect the Prophet
    4. He didn’t accept the message initially, but converted to Islam later on
  9. When Abu Talib learns of Ali (ra) accepting the message of Islam and following the Prophet (saw), how does he respond?
    1. He tries to dissuade Ali (ra) from becoming too active in the religion
    2. He approves because of the character of the Prophet (saw)
    3. He doesn’t have any noticeable reaction
    4. He responds by becoming violent towards Ali (ra)
  10. The Meccans appealed to Abu Talib about the “problem” that the Prophet (saw) had become and asked him to put a stop to this. Abu Talib initially asked the Prophet (saw) if he could stop to which the Prophet (saw) responded that he would not stop preaching. The Prophet (saw) then began to tear up and cry. According to many scholars, why did the Prophet (saw) start crying during this occasion?
    1. He thought he had upset his uncle and become a burden for im
    2. He thought that his uncle had stopped supporting him
    3. He feared what the Quraysh would do to him
    4. He realized how hard preaching the message in Mecca would be



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