Seerah Podcast Quiz 6

  1. Many major events took place while the Prophet (saw) was between the ages of 25-35.
    1. True
    2. False
  2. The ages between 25-35 are often considered a person’s prime years where he/she focuses on building a foundation for the rest of his/her life. What was the primary focus of the Prophet (saw) during this time?
    1. Establishing himself in business
    2. Devoting himself to worship even though revelation had not come down yet
    3. Building his marriage and raising a family
    4. Improving his standing with the people of Quraysh
  3. Why was the Prophet (saw) chosen to place the black stone during the renovation of the Kabah?
    1. The major families had decided the next person to enter the Kabah would do it
    2. Because he was the grandson of Abdul Muttalib, the leader of their people
    3. He was a well respected member of the major tribes
    4. Because nobody else wanted to do it
  4. The major families of Quraysh involved in the renovation of the Kabah reacted happily and were relieved when the Prophet (saw) was chosen to place the black stone of the Kabah. Why is this significant?
    1. It helped put the Prophet (saw) in a good place for future dawah efforts in Mecca
    2. The major families wanted someone from the family of Abdul Muttalib to place the stone
    3. It shows how well regarded and noble a man the Prophet (saw) was even before revelation
    4. The major families knew of the Prophet’s lineage from Ibrahim (as) and were relieved when he placed the stone upon the Kabah originally built by his forefather
  5. What is different about the Kabah today from the original shape?
    1. The original shape was triangular
    2. The original shape had an oval on one side
    3. The original shape was rectangular
    4. The original shape was rounded
  6. During the conquest of Mecca, the Prophet (saw) told Aisha (ra) that if it was up to him, he would’ve made some renovations to the Kabah and changed the shape back to how it was originally. Why did he decide not to make these changes?
    1. There was a lack of funds after the conquest of Mecca
    2. The Prophet (saw) decided to let the Meccans decide what to do with the Kabah
    3. The Prophet (saw) thought it wasn’t the best use of resources to spend money to beautify houses of worship
    4. The people would have reacted negatively to these changes and the Prophet (saw) wanted to be sensitive to their feelings

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