Seerah Podcast Quiz 4

Oct 21, 2014 | Podcast Quiz

  1. After the death of Abdul Muttalib, who was the Prophet’s primary caretaker?
    1. Ummu Ayman
    2. Abu Talib
    3. Abu Lahab
    4. The Prophet (saw) took care of himself at this time
  2. Who was Bhaira?
    1. A business leader from Bilad-us-Sham
    2. A friend of the Prophet (saw)
    3. A scholar from another religion
    4. A political leader from the Quraish
  3. Bhaira notices that there was shade wherever the Prophet (saw) went. What is significant about this?
    1. This was considered a bad omen by Bhaira’s people
    2. Bhaira thought this was a sign of good luck
    3. Bhaira thought this would put the Prophet in danger
    4. Bhaira realized that an ancient text mentioned that a shade will always cover the last prophet
  4. What was the first job the Prophet (saw) had as a teenager?
    1. He was a shepherd
    2. He connected buyers and sellers in Mecca like a broker would
    3. He helped load and unload caravans
    4. He helped Abu Talib in his business dealings
  5. Throughout his life, Allah protected the Prophet (saw) from committing any sins. During his youth the Prophet was convinced by some other boys to attend some parties. What happened as the Prophet (saw) approached these gatherings?
    1. He changed his mind and went back
    2. He was told by some large men wearing white that he should not be here
    3. He passed out
    4. His uncle saw this and took him back
  6. What does Allah’s course of action in regards to the Prophet (saw) trying to go to these parties teach us in our dealings with youth?
    1. We should be forceful in preventing them from doing sinful things
    2. We should give them some freedom, but be prepared to intervene if necessary
    3. We should let them make their own mistakes
    4. We should give them jobs while young so they don’t have time to mess around
  7. The Sacrilegious War was a standoff/war that happened when the Prophet (saw) was around 15 years old and lasted until he was about 20. The parties involved were Quraish and a tribe from Taif. What was the event that led to this war?
    1. A member of Quraish killed a member of the other tribe during a sacred month
    2. A member of Quraish stole the goods of a visitor to Mecca who came for business
    3. A member of the other tribe insulted the Kaaba
    4. A member of the other tribe insulted one of the idols of Quraish
  8. The Prophet (saw) was able to witness the Virtuous Pact of Social Justice (Hulful Fudul) and considered it a priceless experience. What was this pact?
    1. A pact that protected other tribes from biased treatment in Mecca
    2. A pact that that led to slaves getting better treatment from their owners
    3. A pact that said that the rights of the oppressed will be protected even if they are not Meccan
    4. A pact that protected the rights of those who followed lesser practiced religions in Mecca
  9. We see that the Prophet (saw) considered being a part of the Hulful Fudul a great experience for him and even see instances of the early generations of Muslims (ra) being mindful of it. What application does this have for us as Muslims living as a minority?
    1. We should focus on improving our standing in society so that our rights will not be violated
    2. We should be focus on getting legislation passed that will cater to Muslims
    3. We should be careful of the initiatives we get involved with as they can lead to us straying from Islam
    4. We should value social justice and join efforts around it even if they don’t specifically deal with Muslims