Seerah Podcast Quiz 3

Oct 14, 2014 | Podcast Quiz

  1. How old was the Prophet (saw) when the splitting of his chest occured?
    1. Between 4-6 years old
    2. 7 years old
    3. Between 2-4 years old
    4. 3 years old
  2. What happened after the Prophet’s chest was split open?
    1. His heart was taken out and washed
    2. A stone was put in his chest
    3. An angel breathed into his chest
    4. A loud voice spoke
  3. The splitting of the Prophet’s chest is a supernatural event. As Muslims what should our stance be towards these unexplainable events?
    1. We should not mention these to non-Muslims as they might find them strange
    2. These events should be looked at from a rational perspective
    3. These events show that we should not doubt people who claim to have experienced similar events
    4. We should not shy away from accepting supernatural events or miracles when they come from authentic sources in our tradition
  4. How old was the Prophet when his mother died?
    1. 10 years old
    2. 4 years old
    3. 9 years old
    4. 6 years old
  5. The Prophet (saw) was travelling with his mother when she passed away.
    1. True
    2. False
  6. How did the Prophet (saw) express his grief over his mother’s death later in life?
    1. He would always send gifts to her friends and relatives
    2. He visited her grave and cried loudly
    3. He wrote poetry that spoke to her virtues
    4. He asked the Sahabah to make dua at her grave
  7. Who cared for the Prophet (saw) after the death of his mother?
    1. His uncle, Abu Talib
    2. His grandfather, Abdul Muttalib
    3. His uncle, Abbas
    4. His milk mother, Ummu Ayman
  8. Throughout the Prophet’s childhood he always had a parental figure to watch over him. Which of the following is true about all of those people?
    1. They were all powerful people of Arabia
    2. They all embraced Islam later in their lives
    3. The Prophet (saw) was the most important figure in each of their lives
    4. They all died when the Prophet was young