Seerah Podcast Quiz 2

Oct 7, 2014 | Podcast Quiz

Answers will be posted tomorrow on our Facebook Page

  1. Who was Hashem?
    1. Grandfather of the Prophet (saw)
    2. Great grandfather of the Prophet (saw)
    3. Uncle of the Prophet (saw)
    4. Cousin of the Prophet (saw)
  2. Where did Salma, the great grandmother of the Prophet (saw), live?
    1. Mecca
    2. Taif
    3. Yathrib (Medina)
    4. Yemen
  3. What was something the Prophet (saw) had in common with Abdul Muttalib?
    1. Both their fathers died while their mothers were pregnant
    2. Both were persecuted by the Quraish
    3. Both were among the richest men in Arabia
    4. Neither were considered to be leaders amongst the Quraish
  4. What was significant about the early life of Abdullah (the Prophet’s father)?
    1. He was lost and then later found as a young child
    2. He was supposed to be sacrificed as part of an oath his father made
    3. He had his inheritance stolen by an uncle
    4. He was the eldest of his father’s 10 sons
  5. What is the status of the Prophet’s parents in terms of Islam and the hereafter according to the majority of scholars?
    1. They were part of the Hunafa (those who believed in monotheism)
    2. They worshipped idols and were not believers
    3. Their status is beyond our control or knowledge and we should not worry about it
    4. They never had a messenger sent to them so they will not be punished
  6. What did Amina, the Prophet’s mother, say she noticed during her pregnancy?
    1. Light coming from her womb
    2. She was in pain a lot more than what was considered normal
    3. She had dreams where she saw herself standing before the Kaaba
    4. Jinns kept trying to scare her
  7. Who were Barakah (Ummu Ayman) and Thuwaiybah?
    1. Cousins of the Prophet (saw)
    2. Women visiting from the countryside
    3. Milk mothers of the Prophet (saw)
    4. Powerful women from the Quraish
  8. Halimah and other women came to Mecca to take babies back with them to raise them. This was the custom in Mecca at this time as babies would be sent to live with wet nurses for around 2 years. Why did these women (including Halimah initially) not want to take the Prophet (saw)?
    1. They preferred not to get involved with powerful families such as his
    2. They did not want to take an orphan
    3. They thought he was too young
    4. They thought his mother would not give him up
  9. What is one blessing that Halimah experienced after taking the Prophet (saw) to live with her?
    1. Her family’s wealth increased
    2. She was able to nurse her son
    3. She had more families ask her to take their children
    4. Her position in society was raised