Qalam Seminary Blog – Time to Start Giving Back

Nov 4, 2013 | Student Blog


After being immersed in learning for almost two months in the brightly lit room with soft grey and blue walls beautified with Arabic art, the time has come to start giving back. All the knowledge we have absorbed, the wisdom, gems, and the answers to our many questions bring us to the point where we must take the first step in sharing what we’ve learned.


We had our first sister’s halaqa on Friday at Mansfield Islamic Center.

Alhumdulillah, the sisters in charge did a wonderful job advertising and organizing the event. As we walked in, we met with a pleasant batch of young sisters whose smiles warmly greeted us. Before the halaqa, we prayed Isha and spent some time having refreshments and getting to know each other.

This was the first of the series on Real Women of Eman, starting with the wives of Prophet Muhammad (saw). Khadija (ra) was the focus this week.

MashaAllah one of the sisters from our class offered to speak first (something most of us were a little nervous to volunteer for). She highlighted the character of Khadijah (ra) and how one woman encompassed so many amazing qualities. She mentioned how she was an intelligent, beautiful, rich, religious, honorable and well-respected business woman. She also pointed out how loving, caring and extremely supportive she was to our beloved Prophet (saw) through thick and thin; how Khadija (ra) knew and trusted Allah. She knew how to interact with others, and she knew and trusted herself. The engaging talk was concluded with these inspirational words:

“1) Know Allah, Trust Allah 2) Know People 3) Know yourself

You can’t trust what you know until you trust yourself

You can’t trust yourself until you know yourself.”

The program was beautifully wrapped up with an interactive question and answer session.

SubhanAllah it was a great experience. The most fulfilling part was seeing one of our classmates engaging the sisters and using what we’ve learned to help ourselves and others get closer to Allah. We cannot thank Allah enough for blessing us with this great opportunity!

May Allah (swt) make us a source of sadaqa jariyyah for our Sheikh, and give us the ability to understand, apply, and convey what we’ve learned with excellence! Aameen