Qalam Seminary Blog: Seerah and Tafseer

Oct 15, 2013 | Student Blog

As our first month of the Qalam program concludes and the second begins, I cannot help but feel that taking out an entire year to do this program has been one of the best if not the best decision of my life. However, these paragraphs are to highlight some of the things that really hit home for me this past week.

Firstly, was our seerah study. We are currently reading through a fantastic book titled عيون الأثر. I cannot emphasize on how much my love for our Habib Rasool Allah (SAW) has grown in this past week! Especially, when we spoke/read about all the hardships that Rasul (SAW) had to go through at such a young age. Solely for us, his umma. Allah (SWT) put him through so many trials, from never being able to see his father to seeing his mother die in front of his eyes, only to prepare him (SAW) for prophethood and to be the perfect guide and example for us. After reading these parts of his life (SAW) and seeing all the hardships he (SAW) went through, there truly is no other feeling but extreme love and appreciation for our Habib Rasool Allah (SAW). And to think the way we repay him (SAW) and show our gratitude is by leaving his practices, forgetting his mention, and moreover not reading a single book about him and what he has done for us Sala Allahu Alaihi wa Sallama Tasleeman Kateeran. As our beloved teacher says, “it’s food for thought”.

Another very humbling part of our studies this week was the tafseer we read through, which was the first five ayahs of Suratul Baqarah. In these five ayahs alone I am completely convinced that these are the words of Allah (SWT), while fully being aware of the fact that we mainly studied it from a linguistic perspective. How magnificent and extraordinary Allah (SWT) perfected His speech that no matter who you are, there is a lesson specifically for you — always relatable to your life/situations. The only way to put it is that these are the words of Allah (SWT) and no human is capable of writing anything in any way, shape, or form close to the eloquence and perfection of the Quran.

Lastly, I conclude by asking Allah (SWT) for the sincerity and steadfastness to finish this wonderful program and I ask Him Jalla Jalaaluhu to accept our efforts as students and more importantly the efforts of our teacher for taking out time from his very hectic life to teach us. May Allah (SWT) reward us all.