Defending the Honor of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Defending the Honor of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)


Khutbah on Defending the Honor of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the current crisis in the Middle East.

2 thoughts on “Defending the Honor of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

  1. amazing as always! 🙂 🙂 I love Sheikh Abdul Nassir for the sake of Allah! May Allah grant you, Jannah tul Firdaus!

    I really like the way he related all of these stories we have heard to the recent events, masha’Allah! 🙂

  2. New Trend Magazine.
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    Zulqi’dah 5, 1433/September 22, 2012
    Spotlights on Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, and those who hate him.
    From Sheikh Badi Ali

    Spotlight #1: In France, insulting Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, is “freedom of speech,” Protesting against the insults is not! No logic to the French.
    Spotlight #2: Royal family of UK sued the French paper to stop showing topless pictures of British Kate! No freedom of expression!

    Spotlight #3: Muslims filed suit against cartoons of the Prophet, pbuh, but did not win the case. More French logic!

    Spotlight # 4: In late 1970s, the Saudis cut relations with UK over the depiction of “Death of a Princess.” Now the Saudis cannot do anything against a movie insulting the Prophet, pbuh. Saudi logic!

    Spotlight #5: In Oman, on September 16, a court sentenced journalist Mukhtar working for Zaman magazine to prison for one year and $2000 fine for insulting the Sultan. These rulers protect their name and wealth and legitimacy but cannot support the masses rising up for Islam.

    Spotlight #6: One reason for the French magazine to publish abusive cartoons was that its circulation was going down. Disrespecting Islam is gaining acceptance in the West.

    Spotlight #7: Some people ask, why demonstrate against the abuse. People have the right to their feelings. Try to understand: Muhammad, pbuh, is our leader. His name is mentioned with honor throughout each day in Adhan, we praise him in our prayers, we show respect for him in our conversations. We love him more than ourselves, our children, our relatives.

    Spotlight #8: Why are the Muslim masses rising up against a third rate movie: Answer: Our people see the occupation, the bombing, the genocide, the torture and then they hear of te movie and they connect the dots.

    Spotlight #9: First our countries were raped, then our women were raped, our men were tortured and humiliated. Now the West wants to rape our religion.

    Spotlight #10: Allah will defend the Prophet, pbuh, as he has always been defending him. We need to systematically spread the unvarnished message of Islam. We see people becoming Muslims. It’s part of Allah’s plan.

    Spotlight #11: All the non-Muslims are not insulting the Prophet, pbuh. We should be just and not accuse all non-Muslims.

    Spotlight #12: Our DEEN is spreading. Muslims are awakening. The news of the demonstrations are giving the message of the sanctity if Islam. The haters are envious that the Muslims are so true to the Prophet, pbuh. The Christian Copts, on their web sites, are NOT stopping their filthy attacks on the Prophet, pbuh. They lie when they say they have nothing to do with the dirty video.

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