Istikharah: How To & Why?

Istikharah: How To & Why?

Istikharah is an established practice (Sunnah) of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh.  It is a gift from Allah and an aid in the decision making process.  Unfortunately, today is misunderstood and practiced incorrectly by many people.  In this lecture Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda addresses the purpose, procedure, supplication, and frequently asked questions of Istikharah.

One thought on “Istikharah: How To & Why?

  1. salam
    This was a great lecture and I benefited a lot from how you explained what istikhara is not. I’m a bit confused on one thing though. You had mentioned that after making istikhara you will feel better towards one option than another or you will feel confused and that means that option shouldn’t be taken. Then after in the lecture it is mentioned that the istikhara should be made over and over again till the decision is made. Please elaborate on this.

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