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Lecture Series: The Pursuit of Knowledge

Lecture Series: The Pursuit of Knowledge

The scholars and instructors here at Qalam Institute quite often deliver special lectures, programs, and classes.  We make our best effort to record and podcast them for the benefit of the greater community.  Subscribe to our podcast to receive updates.

Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda delivered a series of lectures about seeking knowledge and its etiquette.  The series addresses the following issues and more:

  • Intention one should have when seeking knowledge
  • Purpose of seeking knowledge
  • Method of seeking knowledge
  • Beneficial vs non-beneficial knowledge
  • How to succeed in attaining knowledge
  • Challenges and road-blocks when seeking knowledge
  • Role and respect of the teacher
  • Maintaining humility with increasing knowledge
  • Overcoming arrogance and other side-effects of attaining knowledge
  • Balancing the pursuit of knowledge with spirituality, family life, and other responsibilities
  • Advice of previous scholars in regards to seeking knowledge

These lectures will be podcast on a weekly basis starting Tuesday November 22nd inshAllah.

One thought on “Lecture Series: The Pursuit of Knowledge

  1. Jazak’Allah. These podcasts are extremely beneficial for those of us who can not attend these lectures in person. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. May Allah reward all those involved in this project.

    Muhammad Ahmed Khan (Lahore, Pakistan)

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