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  1. Assalamualaikum

    Jazakallah for the lessons in the khutbah. I really wish we had such practical khutbahs here. Another thing. In many dua’as we’ve attended, the dua’as were all very eloquent, used amazing words and had marvelous sentences. Made me feel (for the longest time) that this was the only way to talk to Allah.

    Parents should be responsible enough to impart this lesson in young kids. Jazakallah again.

  2. asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu,

    JazakAllah to brother abdul nasir jangda and all who helped put this out there. May Allah really reward you all with the highest level of jannah. I loved this so much, I needed to hear it, – was running around youtube looking for it panicking because I heard brother abdul had done a talk about ‘talking to Allah’ and that it involved something just like talking to Allah.. alhamdullilah I found it by the will of Allah.
    You know we need this, sometimes I want to just sit and talk to God, and sure there are etiquettes which I do follow aswell at times, but some times, you don’t want to be so formal, especially with the one who made you, sometimes I just want to sit and talk to the one who made me, you know? so I thank you for teaching me how to actually do that.

    JazakAllah again, May this be of benefit to all.

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