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YOUR Advice About The Juma Khutbah

YOUR Advice About The Juma Khutbah

We recently posed this question on twitter and facebook:

If you could change ONE thing about juma khutbahs, or give ONE advice to khateebs, what would it be?

Our plan is to incorporate these responses into our upcoming Khateeb Training Workshop [register now for a $100 discount offered only to the first 25 people]. This is the raw feedback from the people the khutbah matters to most – YOU.

In no particular order, here’s some of the responses we received below. You can still send us your feedback on Twitter, Facebook, or simply leaving a comment on this post. We’ll be sure to share it with the attendees at our workshop!

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4 thoughts on “YOUR Advice About The Juma Khutbah

  1. I would address the audience while being down to Earth. Mention some great female role models from our rich history when possible. Have a smile and great demeanor when talking to people. Have some time that the Sister’s can get some Q&A time right after Salah…it could just 10 minutes; but that would mean a lot to women who can never approach a Katheeb.

  2. Assalamu-Alaikum Wr WB

    Congratulations on your wonderful initiative in obtaining feedback on Khutbah’s and also setting up workshops in public speaking. May Allah (SWT) Reward you all abundantly. I am not sure of the format in the US; in South Africa, the Azaan is at 12:30; then a Khutbah is presented in English for 30 minutes. Then at 1pm, the Imam delivers the Arabic Khutbah. The person delivering the English Khutbah is not necesarily the Imam. Some suggestions:

    The medium of communication must be in harmony with the masses; sometimes, guest speakers are invited from Asian countries and they deliver Khutbahs in their local venacular language which no one understands. It is very important to have translators at such forums
    Khatibs should be passionate about what they speak. Passionate means that it is a topic that is near and dear to their hearts, so that even if they stumble or forget certain aspects of their talk, their background knowledge of the topic will ensure continuity
    Passion does not mean shouting and hollering at the top of your voices as is common with some Christian Preachers. The Khatib should render his/her talk with dignity and emotion where required; the highs and lows are very important to ensure that it is not a monotone that puts people to sleep.
    Clear pronunciation and articulation are very important, especially with difficult words
    Try and ensure that quotations are used; these must be verified beforehand giving the Chapter and Verse
    There is no harm in using notes; at home, prepare detailed notes; but then shorten those notes into a 1-2 page summary; the quotations should be included in the summary notes
    Ensure that there is a smooth flow to your talk with intro, body and conclusion;
    Start off with a bang and end off with a bang; listeners are usually enraptured *or lost) by the first 2 minutes) and listeners always remember the last 3 minutes since their concentration increases because the speech is “about to end”
    Khatibs should scan the entire audience and not only look at their notes or just at one person; one technique is to simply look above the heads of people (look at their topi or headgear); start with the right side, then scan the back of the room, then scan the left and then scan the ones in fron of you; as you scan the ones in front of you, give a small smile to those with whom you make eye-contact and then move on
    Always announce that you are coming to the end: “in the last few minutes that I have , i would like to summarise the key points”
    Finally, a good Khatib moves the audience to action; dont just end your talk; but give some suggestions; for example: based on the talk today on the importance of greeting and smiling, I would suggest that we can start today: as you leave the Mosque, please shake hands and greet those that you know and those that you dont know; in this way, a talk becomes a “living, walking, talking action” that benefits people immediately; these actions should be small but regular which people can implement (the rich source of Hadith is a powerful reference tool for implementing little acts of good behaviour;
    Finally, no matter who or what the Khatib is, and his poor communication skills, the duty of the listener is to honour the speaker by maintaining silence
    A problem that we have in South Africa, is that at weddings, people do not maintain much discipline; a wedding stypically starts off with a Qi’raat followed by a speech and a Dua. During the Qiraat about 80-90% of the people would maintain silence; unfortunately, in the few minutes gap between the Qiraat and when the speaker gets to the podium, the guests are well into their social banter; this will be despite frequent appeals to give the speaker an opportunity to have his voice heard. This is sad. hence, whatever the occasion (except perhaps political gatherings), the speaker should be given the courtesy and respect of being heard to, no matter what his education level. To stand up and speak is not an easy task. For some people it comes easily, while others fear it more than death itself
    Final point: the khatib should avoid fiddling with their beard, or hat, or scarf, or clothing or pen etc; these are all unnecessary distractions

    Keep up the good work and may Allah (SWT) Reward you all abundantly, and may the Message of Truth be proclaimed worldwide with Hiq’ma, widsom and Beautiful Preaching, Insha-Allah (Sub’ha’na’hu Wa’ta’a’lah)
    With kindness, salaams and best regards, Dr Ahmed Adam, South Africa, 4th September 2012

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