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Testimonials – Khateeb Workshop 2010

Testimonials – Khateeb Workshop 2010

We’re excited about the upcoming seminar – Stand & Deliver: Khateeb Workshop taking place on New Year’s weekend. Please REGISTER before seats fill up.

Here’s what last year’s students had to say about the program,

No one can ever underestimate the power of Jumua specifically the Jumua Khutbah. Muslims that are never exposed to anything remotely Islamic will come to Jumua without ever being invited or asked to come. Hence the jumua khutbah needs to be top-notch and the person delivering the Khutbah better be prepared and ready to inspire people and be a tool for bringing the audience closer to Allah. This workshop is one of the first of its kind from what I know. When you think about the importance of the Jumua Khutbah and the immense responsibility of the Khateeb, how is it possible that we dont have more preparatory programs like this one so we can have the highest quality khutbahs being delivered all across the nation? The Khateeb workshop gave me really practical tips on how to improve my khutbahs from every angle. We need to support such programs and encourage all current and potential khateebs to take it.
-Mohammed Mana, California

The wisdom shared by the shuyookh at the workshop was absolutely priceless. Myself and friends take lots of seminar, but this workshop gave us a framework of wisdom to work within such that we can benefit people with our knowledge and not harm them. The workshop was also very practical and in writing and presenting khutbah’s to the shuyookh we helped to isolate problems in our delivery or style. I would say this course is mandatory upon every student of knowledge because it gives them the tools they need to put their knowledge to its proper use, which is standing and delivering!
-Nadeem Ramjan, New York

What an amazing workshop! The knowledge was very helpful and the practice sessions really helped me improve my ability to give khutub and khatiras. Even more amazing was the company – I got a chance to meet other active khateebs and community leaders from communities all across North America.
-Ibraheem Khalifa, North Carolina

I loved the way the instructors focused on the theoretical aspects of the basic importance and etiquettes of the Jumu’uah khutba as well as giving some of the most practical advice you may ever find. That balance flowed throughout the whole course and really made it that much more of an enriching learning experience.
-Zain Ali, New York

One of the most practical and beneficial workshops/classes I’ve ever taken. It cleared a lot of questions/uncertainties that I use to have, what to do in certain situations, what to say and what not to say, how to prepare properly, how to grab people’s attention, how to make the khutbah cohesive, and a lot more. It’s definitely worth the time, money and effort you put in. And the company is amazing from the teachers to the students to the community members you might meet.
-Ebraheim Ismail, Massachusetts

The khateeb workshop was the most beneficial and practical workshop I’ve attended in the last three years. The tips and advice given to us by the instructors were pointers which every khateeb needs to be aware of when they get on the minbar.
-Nihal Khan, New Jersey

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