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Khateeb Workshop June 3-7, 2010 – Nouman Ali Khan, AbdulNasir Jangda, and Yaser Birjas

Khateeb Workshop June 3-7, 2010 – Nouman Ali Khan, AbdulNasir Jangda, and Yaser Birjas

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What: Khateeb Workshop

When: June 3-7, 2010 (First Session is Thursday the 3rd at 830pm and the final session ends on Monday the 7th at 430pm).

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Where: Colleyville Masjid (in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX)

Who: Imam AbdulNasir Jangda, Nouman Ali Khan, Shaykh Yaser Birjas, plus local Imams from DFW metroplex.

Co-sponsored by MSA National!

Are you an experienced khateeb that never received any formal training for the khutbah?Is your MSA always struggling to find a good khateeb?
Are you a beginner khateeb or even an aspiring khateeb?
Ever been a khateeb when someone handed you a ‘fishy’ announcement to make after prayer?
Ever been asked to fundraise on the spot since you’re giving khutbah?

What do you do if the mic goes out while you’re talking?

Do you struggle with preparing khutbahs, and researching them?

This program is designed to give attendees a full breakdown of everything needed to deliver a powerful, motivating, and effective khutbah. Plus, you’ll also learn tips and tricks as well as get advice for handling all kinds of different scenarios that pop up during the khutbah.

Jabir informs:

“When the Prophet delivered the khutbah, his eyes became red, his voice rose, and his anger increased as if giving a warning to the enemy.” This is related by Muslim and Ibn Majah. An-Nawawi says: “It is preferred for the khutbah to be in an eloquent and proper Arabic, and it should be an organized speech that the people can understand. It should not be a speech, which is over the heads of the people, nor should it be shallow or contain foul language as that would defeat its purpose. Its words should be chosen carefully to make them attractive and meaningful.”

Giving his views on the subject, Ibn al-Qayyim says:

“The khutbah of the Prophet reinforced the fundamental articles of faith, like belief in Allah, the Exalted, His angels, His books, His messengers, and the meeting with Him. He would mention the paradise and the hellfire and what Allah, the Exalted, has promised to His devoted servants and the people who obey Him and what Allah has promised to His enemies and the miscreant. While listening to his khutbah, the hearts would be filled with belief in Allah, His oneness, and His majesty. His khutbahs were not like speeches of those who speak only of matters of concern of common folk, lamenting earthly life and frightening people of the approaching death. Such speeches cannot inspire faith in Allah or strengthen belief in His oneness or move people by allusion to His mighty works in history, nor can they kindle in hearts intense love for Allah, making the listeners look forward eagerly to the time they will meet Him! The people who hear such speeches gain no benefit at all, except that they will die and that their wealth will be distributed and their bodies will be turned to dust. Woe to such poets, what sort of faith is fostered by such sermons, and what sort of tawhid do they teach or knowledge disseminate? If we study the khutbahs of the Prophet sallallahu alehi wasallam and his companions, we find them embued with perspicuous guidance, tawhid, attributes of Allah, explaining the basic articles of the faith, inviting people to Allah, and drawing their attention to His providential care that makes Him so beloved to His slaves. His khutbahs referred to Allah’s dealings with others in the past so as to wam his listeners against His wrath and exhort them to remember Him, thank Him and win His pleasure and love. Those who heard these khutbahs were inspired with the love of Allah and they looked forward eagerly to meeting their Lord. As time went by, the example of the Prophet was forgotten and other things prevailed. The main purpose of the khutbah was forgotten. The eloquent and nice words that moved the hearts became rare in speeches. The main thrust of the khutbah was neglected. The hearts were no longer touched and the basic purpose of the khutbah was lost.”

This intensive will cover

  • Fiqh of Jumu’ah
  • Fiqh of leading Salah
  • Purpose of the Khutbah
  • How to research a khutbah
  • Dealing with different scenarios that may happen to you
  • Learn effective communication and public speaking techniques

The program is designed so students from out of town can attend without having to take too much time off work or school. Classes will begin on Friday morning (students need to arrive on Thursday night) and will conclude on Monday evening (students will be able to fly out late Monday night).

Tuition: $195 [$150 for MSA students] – Preferred method of payment is by check on SITE. Online option via paypal is available after hitting the Submit button when you register below.

Please contact qalam //at// colleyvillemasjid.org for more information.

16 thoughts on “Khateeb Workshop June 3-7, 2010 – Nouman Ali Khan, AbdulNasir Jangda, and Yaser Birjas

  1. the workshop is open to brothers only. we do understand that many sisters are interested to learn how to present topics in halaqah’s and other settings. insha’Allah we are looking for sister volunteers to help us organize a separate sisters workshop that is oriented around training sisters to deliver classes and talks. please email qalam //at// colleyvillemasjid.org if interested.

    this workshop though, due to the specific nature of the khutbah and the issues associated with it will be for brothers only.

    jazakumallahu khayran

  2. Asalamualikum,

    I am an MSA student. Paypal shows the tuition as $190 only. Do I have to pay on site if I want the $150 tuition? If so, can I pay with cash?

    Thank you

  3. Assalamu ‘alaikum

    I’m from out of state but I’m interested in coming to this. I’m trying to find out options for housing before I register. I was wondering if you could help with this issue.

    May Allah reward you with all that is good.

  4. Assalamualikum,

    What is the daily schedule for the duration of the seminar? Also, any arrangements for out-of-town attendees?

    Jazakum Allah khairan.

  5. Br Abdul Nasir Jangda ,seminar in meaningful prayer was amazing,I learnt things about salah that I did not know in 50 years of my life,jazak allah khair,may Allah bless br Abdul nasir and every member of Bayyenah.best regards

  6. I attended this seminar in Elezabeth town Ky,I live in lexington ky about 87 miles from E.Town.due to my work it was not easy to take time out and attend but Allah made it easier for me to take time out of my work schedule.
    That was the time very well spent in the company of Br Abdul Nasir Jangda ,It was wonderful information presented in a even wonderful way by Br abdul Nasir.there was a time during his presentation when he mentioned the story of Hazrat Fatima(SA) about bringing freshly baked bread to Holy prophet(PBUH) it made me cry (and many other audience as well).my words can not explain how amazing/spiritual this seminar was.Jazak Allah Khair.
    S.I Gilani

  7. Muhammad Islam


    Will the workshop be offered online? I attend University and have final exams, the 2nd week of June.

  8. Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

    I would like to register for the Khutbah Workshop. I’ll be coming with the brothers from Birmingham, AL insha Allah.

    We were told that hospitality is provided, jazakum Allahu khairan. Should I bring a sleeping bag or is there anything you would recommend? If there is any more info about the classes that would be great.

    Take care,


  9. Please post these videos online, there are thousands of khateebs looking for it, like me who couldnt make it to this workshop. I am willing to buy this set of video on DVD if you guys publish it. JAzakumu Allah

  10. Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,

    To whom it may concern,

    I have noticed a few believers posting questions about whether or not it will be posted online?

    I’m from New Zealand and I we are in great need of this bro.

    So what’s the deal?

    Peace and blessings upon the best of Creation,Muhammed.


  11. AawRwB

    I was getting my airline ticket and everything from Canada to get to Texas for this course, when I just found out today that the course was last year 🙁

    Was it recorded? Is there any way I can get the recording? I’m willing to pay for it. We have 10-15 Khateebs here at our university who would love to learn what was taught. Is there any way? Please let us know.

    We have 3 Jumuas on campus every Friday with 300+ attendees. If we can learn how to deliver khutbahs properly, the ajr to you will be huge inShaAllah.

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